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I got this idea from Dedicant: A Witch’s Circle of Fire by Thuri Calafia (if I seem to be using and quoting this book quite a lot right now, it’s only because I’ve chosen this to be the beginning of my journey. There will be more along the way, I promise.). You create colored cards, and “guess” the color on the back of each card. I plan on keeping track of my correct guesses as I go. Ms. Calafia recommends you do this several times a week. Here’s how I did it:



Take 15 index cards and cut them in half as you’ll need 30 cards. You can of course use whole index cards, but I have small hands, so I cut them in half. I have the same trouble shuffling tarot cards.



You’ve got your thirty cards. Using crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints (I chose crayons), separate the three primary (yellow, red, and blue) and the three secondary (green, orange, purple) colors.



Taking each color, color a circle (mine turned out very much more ovaly than circley…) on a card. Use five cards for each color, thus you end with thirty cards.



Give ’em a good shuffle. And now practice “guessing” every day! I suggest keeping track of your successes to see if you make any progress.

Also, if you go light enough with the color, you won’t be able to see anything bleed through, so no cheating. At least, with the crayons.

– Alfrún

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