Dream Journal 11.1.14

Dumbledore gave me a raspberry smoothie as some sort of reward.

This is seriously all I remember…

There’s actually no entry for Dumbledore at Dream Moods, even though I did find Harry Potter, but I’m not sure Dumbledore being there was any sort of significance other than I’ve been reading the crap out of some Harry Potter lately. 6 of the books in about 3 days. So we’ll just leave Dumbledore be.


To dream that you receive a prize represents your accomplishments. You have made significant progress in personal goals.


To see or eat raspberries in your dream represent some precious or delicate matter.


To make or drink a smoothie in your dream is analogous to how your life is going. It is a “smooth” road ahead for you.


You know, to be frankly honest with everyone, I never expected this dream to mean anything…but I will admit, I am feeling pretty good about how the last few days have gone. So, maybe, there’s more to this one than I first thought.

– Alfrún


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