The Last Few Days…

I’ve been feeling sort of off for the past few days, and haven’t really been up for much.

I’ve been talking with my mother about health stuff, and she’s beginning to think I don’t have Cushings, but instead have the opposite problem. Instead of too much cortisol, I am not producing enough cortisol. I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of November, so we’ll see where that goes. In the mean time, I’ll be lighting a candle for me. Low cortisol is much easier to fix, and way less invasive, so if there *has* to be something wrong with me, I’d rather it be low than high.

Things are coming to a head with our roommate. Suffice to say, there are some issues with alcohol (nothing violent), and strings are reaching their ends. I’ll be praying and meditating about it for the next couple of days, maybe a small bit of work for a peaceful resolution.

Tomorrow I plan to write up a basic foundation I’ll be using for ritual work, Sabbats, and Esbats. I don’t really follow much of the Wicca approach to ritual and tools (I honestly prefer the minimalist view of things), but I’m at least going to try it for a while to see if it doesn’t work for me.

Until then…

– Alfrún

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