Devotional: Spirits of Our Home

Do you have any house spirits? Brownies? Lares? Cofgodas? Do you find your familiar speaking with something under the stove or in a corner?

Comrade Bunny often sits and stares at one particular place in my apartment. She loves sitting and staring into the fireplace. Every once in a while, she’ll give a little shake and zoom away.

To talk to your house spirit, light a fat red candle and sit as close as possible in the center of your home. Close your eyes and take several deep, easy breaths. Visualize two chars facing each other sit in one chair and invite the sirit of your home to sit in the other. When the spirit appears, greet is with great courtesy. Ask its name and what kind of being it is. Ask how you can make it more comfortable. Ask if there are any dangers in the house (loose wires, leaky pipes, etc). Finally, ask your spirit for advice and its blessing.

– Alfrún

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