Ritual Outline

My personal ritual outline:

Set Up

– Collect any supplies you need (candles, herbs, crystals, bits of paper, etc), and light candles needed for illumination. Set up altar.


– Cleansing bath/shower with oils/herbs (optional or depending on ritual type). Dress in any ritual wear needed/wanted. Sit/stand/kneel at altar. Cleanse sacred space. I use sacred water (salt and water mixed together and consecrated). Sprinkle water over work area and sacred space. Use whatever cleansing chant you feel fits.

Centering and Grounding

– Center and ground to focus your mind on the coming ritual and your purpose. Use whatever grounding method/exercise you prefer.

Casting the Circle

– Cast your circle. I find it very hard to have very much room at all to work, so I generally just sit in front of my altar, sprinkle salt in a small circle around me, and visually call a circle around me. I do not have the room to get up, walk around, and physically cast the circle with salt, candle, incense, and water as well.

Invite the Gods

– Invite your deities, the elements, faeries, angels, etc if you want/need.

The Message/Purpose

– Each ritual or spell has its message or purpose. Now is the time to state it and get down to business.

Raising Energy

– Raise energy in your preferred method (chanting, music, dancing, etc).

Releasing Energy

– When the energy reaches a dramatic crescendo release it out into the world with all your focus on your purpose or your message.

Cakes and Ale

– Celebrate your finished ritual/spell with cakes and ale, and leave some for whomever you invited to the circle to show your appreciation.

Closing the Circle

– To close your circle, dismiss and thank anyone you invited to the working, release any leftover energy, and drop your circle.

– Alfrún

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