Exercise: Word Association Trance

Trance for visualization and perception.

(Everyone should lie down and position themselves comfortably. Turn off the lights. Begin with the group breath exercise. When everyone is relaxed, proceed.)

“Now we’re going to go around the circle, clockwise. I’ll start by saying a word, and the next person will say the first word that pops into her mind. Then they person after that will respond to her word, and so on, around the circle. Don’t think about the word, just relax, breathe deep, and let it come.”

Start. (the sequence might look like this: Green/Pea/Soup/Hot/Cold/Ice/Snow/White/Black/etc)

(After a few rounds)

“Now we’re each going to repeat the last person’s word before we add our own.”

(Example sequence: Dark Cave/Cave Bury/Bury Deep/Deep Sea/Sea Wave/Wave Flag/etc)

(After a few rounds)

“Now we’re each going to repeat the last two words before adding our own.”

(Example sequence: Ray Sun Shine/Sun Shine Day/Shine Day Forever/Day Forever Night/etc)

(As the trance continues, words become entities in themselves. The combinations form constantly shifting scenes, which flash vividly before the inner eye. Gradually, the cycle may die away, and people simply describe what they see.)

“I see a dark sky, dotted with a million star – one of them shoots across the sky…”

“I see a blazing comet, with a golden tail trailing behind…”

“I see a trailing peacock’s tail with iridescent eyes…”

“I see an eye looking at me…”

“I see a face, the dark face of a beautiful woman…”

(Descriptions may be elaborate or simple. Some may obtain striking visions, others hear sounds or voices, or feel new sensations. A few people may drift off to sleep. After a time, the group will fall silent, each member floating in her own vision. Allow time for everyone to fully experience her inner world, then say:)

“Now breathe deeply and say farewell to your visions. In a moment, we’re going to open our eyes, and awaken, fully and completely, feeling refreshed and renewed. When I count to three, we will open our eyes and wake up. Now take a deep breath…inhale…exhale…one…two…three…Open your eyes, and awaken, refreshed and renewed.”

– Alfrún

Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

– Alfrún

Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

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