Devotional: Housecleaning

Feng shui is becoming more well known, but there are more, simpler ways to help the energies around your home: CLEANING!

A long time ago, when I was just beginning to learn Paganism, I read that mess can accumulate negative energy as well as dirt, dust, and clutter. To help keep  my altar clean, I dust at least once a week, and right before I do any work. I also sweep the carpet around it.

But this also extends much farther than just your working space. Is your home full of clutter? Mine is. My husband is a bit of a packrat, and getting him to throw anything out is a long conversation similar to:

“Can I throw this out?”

“No. I might need it.”

“Are you even going to remember you have it in a month?”

“…Probably not.”

“So instead of me asking again in a month, can we skip what always happens, and just throw it out *now*?”

“No. I might need it.”

If this sounds familiar to you, I sympathize with your struggle.

So, why not trying to reduce your clutter a bit? Or do a bit of cleaning? I can sincerely tell you, I always feel better sitting down in a clean apartment, and I tend to get stressed when the dishes pile up, and the bunny toys are littered everywhere. There’s no need for a full on spring cleaning (unless you’re feeling ambitious), but try just a little bit each day! Note if you start to feel lighter, or less stressed.

– Alfrún

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