Exercise: Damping and Projecting Energy

Two people are needed for this exercise, a sender and a receiver.

The sender sits in a relaxed position. The receiver can use either the pendulum or the direct method of sensing the aura.

Ground and center. The receiver locates the sender’s aura, above the crown of her head. Ask the sender to do the Tree of Life Meditation, and, as the energy rises, to visualize and feel it as a strong stream of flowing water, bursting up from her head like a fountain. The receiver observes the pendulum’s swing become stronger and faster as the energy increases – or feels the difference through her hand.

Ask the sender to damp the energy – visualize herself swathed in cotton wool or smothered in mashed potatoes. Feel the change – see the motion of the pendulum decrease.

Practice until the sender becomes adept at projecting and damping energy, and the receiver becomes adept at sensing the change. Test yourself by having the sender either damp or project power without first telling the receiver, who should be able to feel which is happening. Exchange positions, and also practice projecting and damping energy through other power centers you have discovered.

– Alfrún

Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

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