Exercise: Iron Pentagram Meditation

A pentagram is a drawn or written pentacle. This is a meditative tool of the Faery tradition and an important training exercise.

Ground and center. In your Book of Shadows, draw a pentacle with interlocking lines and label the points, in order, clockwise: “Sex,” “Self,” “Passion,” “Pride,” and “Power”.

Sex is the manifestation of the driving life force of energy of the universe. It is polarity, the attraction of the God and Goddess, the on-off pulse that sustains the universe, the orgasmic, ecstatic harmony that sings within each being.

Self is identity, individuality. Each of us is a unique manifestation of the Goddess, and that individuality is highly valued in the Craft. Self-love is the foundation of all love. “Celebrate yourself, and you will see that Self is everywhere.”

Passion is the force of emotion that gives color and depth and vitality to life. Joy, sorrow, ecstasy, anger, fear, pain, love – the Goddess manifests in all human emotions. We cannot feel any of them in their full intensity unless we are willing to face them all.

Pride encourages us to create, to do, to share, to grow, and to enjoy the rightful fruits of our achievements. True pride is not based on comparisons or competition; it is an absolute sense of one’s inner worth. Pride carries with it the responsibility of acting in accordance with one’s self-respect and respect for Self in others.

Power is energy, inner power, not power over others. When the five points are in balance, the life force flows freely, filling us with vitality. Power is integrity, creativity, courage: the mark of a person who is whole.

Meditate on each of the points in turn, and then explore the links and connections: Sex – Passion, Self – Pride, Passion – Power, and so on. Lie down with your arms and legs outstretched so that you can form a star. Let your head and each of your limbs be a point on the pentacle. When you are “on the points,” they will be all in balance. If some points feel weak, work on developing those qualities. Absorb the strength of the Iron Pentagram.

– Alfrún

Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

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