Exercise: Seeing the Aura

This exercise is best practiced in a group. Each of the members can take turns being the subject. All should first be proficient at sensing the aura.

Set up a plain background – a black cloth or a white sheet. The subject should stand against it or lie down on it, and if possible, be nude. Everyone should ground and center, and relax. The lighting should be dim.

Breathe deeply, from your diaphragm, and let your eyes relax. Lightly scan the space around the subject. You may see a thing, flowing line around her body – the raith. Around it, look for the cloudlike astral body, which may appear to flow, or may seem like a shadow, oddly lighter than the background. To some, the astral body will simply appear as a subtle difference between foreground and background – a wavering, like heat waves over a radiator. It may appear and blank out, shift, move, and change, but will gradually become more stable as your accustom yourself to astral vision.

The colors in the aura have many interpretations. Rather than following a set rule, ‘feel-see” them for yourself. The quality of the color is most illuminating – is it clear and bright, or muddy and dull? What does it make you think of? Feel? Are you attracted or repelled by it? What associations does it have? Share perceptions and feedback, and with time and experience you will be able to interpret what you see.

The subject can practice projecting and damping energy, and the viewers can learn to see the energy move. In later sessions, subjects can also practice projecting colors and energy forms. The more group members practice, the more acute their perceptions will become.


Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

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