Exercise: Sensing the Aura Using a Pendulum

Two people are needed for this exercise, a sender and a receiver. Both should be successful at working with pendulums.

Sender sits in a relaxed position, breathing deeply from the belly. The receiver hold the pendulum so that is wings about two feet over the sender’s head. Both holds the pendulum so that it swings about two feet over the sender’s head. Both ground and center.

Slowly, the receiver lowers the pendulum, telling herself that it will begin to swing when it hits the sender’s aura. Practice until you can feel the edge or corona of the aura. When the pendulum reacts consistently, explore the outlines of the astral body. Search out areas of tension, and note vortexes of energy.

Exchange positions and repeat.

– Alfrún

Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

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