Exercise: The Cone of Power

All ground and center. Standing or sitting in a circle, take hands. Begin with a Group Breath, and gradually build a wordless Power Chant.

As the energy builds, visualize it swirling clockwise around the circle. See it as a blue-white light. It spirals up into a cone form – an upright shell, a cornucopia. Hold the visualization until it glows.

The energy forms we build have a reality of their own. As the power rises, people will intuitively sense the form that takes shape. As the peak is reached, the chant becomes a focused tone. If you have an image that represents your intent for the working, focus on it. Sometimes words or phrases come through. let the power move until it falls, suddenly or gradually.

Let the energy go, fall to the ground, and relax completely, allowing the cone to fly off to its objective. Breathe deeply, and let the residue of power return to the earth, for her healing.

– Alfrún

Exercise courtesy of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

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