Spell: Attracting a Job




2 candles – One for Deity, one for altar

Representation of person

Glass vial filled with rolled up dollar bill, sprinkle of salt, and three charms (I used 4 leaf clover, moneybag, and a coin)

Green Ribbon


Consecrate work area with salt and incense.

Light candles.

Consecrate vial, figure, and ribbon.

Chant following lines for each item (vial, figure, and ribbon) as they are consecrated.


I see (whoever is job searching) getting an interview

I see (whoever is job searching) getting a job offer

I see (whoever is job searching) accepting a job offer


Tie the vial to the figure with the green ribbon.

Repeat the above lines three times each picturing each result happening vividly.

Dismiss work area, and leftover energies.

– Alfrún

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