Elements: Earth


Classical Symbol

Angels: Auriel, Gabriel

Animal: Antelope, Armadillo, Badger, Bear, Blue Jay, Boar, Buffalo/Bison, Cattle, Chicken, Crocodile, Crow, Deer (Stag), Dog, Dragonfly, Elephant, Goat, Goose, Groundhog, Hippopotamus, Jaguar, Mole, Otter, Pig, Prairie Dog, Snake, Sparrow, Swan, Toad, Tortoise, Turkey, Turtle, Wolverine, Woodpecker

Celebrations: Earth Day, Hunting of the Wren, Yule

Chakra: Root

Colors: Black, Brown, Green, White

Direction: North

Energy: Yin

Goddesses: Anat, Ariadne, Artemis, Asherah, Bertha, Ceres, Demeter, Gaia, Kore, Nephthys, Persephone, Rhea, Rhiannon

Gods: Adonis, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Geb, the Green Man, Khnum, Marduk, Mimir, Pan, Prometheus, Vishnu

Magical: Brownies, Dragon, Dryads, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies, Selkies

Minerals: Agate, Alexandrite, Amazonite, Amber, Andalusite, Apophyllite, Calcite (green), Cat’s Eye, Cerussite, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Coral (Black), Diopside, Emerald, Fluorite, Hematite, Jade, Jasper, Jet, Kunzite, Lead, Malachite, Mercury, Moss Agate, Peridot, Petrified Wood, Quartz (Rutilated), Salt, Smoky Quartz, Staurolite, Sugilite, Tourmaline (Black, Brown, Green, Watermelon), Turquoise, Unakite

Number: 4, 6, 8

Ogham: Ioho

Planets: Earth, Saturn, Venus

Plants: Cinqufoil, Clove, Comfrey, Fern, Grains, Henbane, High John, Honeysuckle, Horehound, Ivy, Jasmine, Mandrake, Mugwort, Patchouli, Primrose, Reed, Sage, Vervain

Principle: To Be Silent

Ritual Tool: Pentacle

Runes: Is, Tyr, Ur

Seasons: Winter

Sense: Touch

Tarot: Pentacles

Trees: Ash, Blackthorn, Cedar, Cypress, Elder, Elm, Holly, Juniper, Locust, Magnolia, Maple, Oak, Olive, Pine, Pomegranate, Rowan, Spruce, Witch Hazel

Time of Day: Midnight

Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Issues, Intentions, & Powers: Abundance, Acceptance, Agriculture, Anxiety, Balance, Beginnings, Business, Comfort, Communication, Consecrate/Bless, Consciousness, Creativity, Cycles, Death, Endurance, Energy (General, Receptive), Family, Fertility, Gentleness, Grounding, Growth, Healing, Hexes, the Home, Justice, Life, Magic (Dragon), Manifestation, Money, Nurture, the Otherworld/Underworld, Patience, Peace, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Prosperity, Protection, Purpose, Rebirth/Renewal, Relationships, the Senses (Touch), Sensuality, Sex/uality, Spirits (Nature), Stability, Strength, Success, Support, Travel, Warmth, Wealth, Weather, Well-being, Willpower, Wisdom

Earth Mediation

– Alfrún

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