Numbers: Nine

Colors: Pink, Red, Rose, Silver, White

Days: Friday, Monday

Elements: Fire

Energy: Yang

Goddesses: Aine, Ariadne, Arianrhod, Hecate, Hel, Juno, Luna, Nanna, Rhiannon, Selene

Gods: Khensu, Odin, Shiva

Minerals: Agate, Bloodstone, Garnet, Hematite, Iron, Malachite, Rhodonite, Ruby,

Ogham: Coll

Planets: Mars, Moon

Runes: Jera

Tarot: Hermit

Tree: Hazel

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo

Issues, Intentions, & Powers: Accomplishment, Beginnings, Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Crossroads, Determination, Emotions, Generosity, Healing, Independence, Inspiration, Learning (teaching), Light, Loss, Love, Magic (moon), the Mind, Nightmares, Protection, Psychic Ability, Sympathy, Wisdom

– Alfrún

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