Trouble at work? Do a spell!

Last week, Webby’s work sort of exploded. They were upgrading customers, and his coworker made a mistake. Instead of upgrading 1,300 customers that day, he upgraded 14,000. This coworker is a bit of a accident-prone. He makes a lot of mistakes. So Webby’s been on non-stop work mode. I think he only got about 4 hours of sleep every night… or day… or when he could.

So, Coworker was the one who set up the upgrade, and then Webby was the one who set it in motion. Management has fired people before for major screw-ups, and while it wasn’t Webby’s fault information was inputted wrong, he was still the one who pulled the trigger so to speak. They had a meeting Monday and wasn’t specific about what was being said in the meeting, so the night before I made a luck spell. Being out of work, and currently unable to work due to crippling panic attacks when in Society for longer than it takes to attack Kroger, his is the only income we can depend on. So! LUCK!

IMG_20160223_151157Spell Supplies:

  • Small glass vial
  • Three black tourmaline (luck)
  • Three green aventurine (luck)
  • Three garnets (luck)
  • Four leaf clover charm (luck)
  • Small piece of paper (to be written on)
  • Salt (for blessing)

I put the stones and salt into the vial. I wrote the rune “Feoh” on the scrap of paper, and put that in the vial as well. Then visualizing what I wanted, I said (seven times):

Hear me, oh Lord, and grant

With your will, a little luck

Not for me, but for mine.

Right now he’s a sitting duck

Protect him, oh Lord, this man

This love of mine, from danger

And keep him ever after

Free from the corporate anger


He carried it with him all the next day. It’s very specific to his circumstances, so I don’t know if it’ll be of any use to anyone else. Feel free to run off with it though. It did work though! Got news about halfway through Monday that no one was fired, and even bonuses promised were still coming. The bonuses were coming later, so it didn’t look like lower management was rewarding them, but they’ll still be here. So yay!

– Alfrún

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