Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Abundance (to attract, perpetuate)

Animal: Bee, Buffalo/Bison, Cattle (cow/ox), Chicken, Chipmunk, Crane, Crocodile, Duck, Egret, Flamingo, Frog, Goat, Goose, Grasshopper, Heron, Horse, Ibin, Kingfisher, Moth (silk), Nighthawk, Osprey, Parrot, Peacock, Pelican (use wisely), Pig, Rabbit, Reindeer, Salmon, Sandpiper, Seagull, Sheep, Squirrel, Turkey, Turtle

Chakras: Sacral

Colors: Gold, Green, Orange

Days: Thursday

Direction: North

Elements: Earth

Full Moons: August, June

Goddesses: Aine, Artio, Astarte, Bast, Ceres, Cerridwen, Coventina, Danu, Demeter, Epona, Fortuna, Frigg, Gaia, Ganga, Hestia, Holle, Inanna, Isis, Lakshmi, Maia, Rhea, Rhiannon, Sedna

Gods: Cernunnos, the Dagda, Enki, the Green Man, Hades, Jupiter, Pushan, Saturn, Vertimnus, Zeus

Minerals: Abalone, Agate (moss, tree), Apatite, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Chrysoberyl, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Clam, Cowry, Dioptase, Jade, Malachite, Mussel, Oyster, Peridot, Rhodochrosite, Quartz (crystal, smoky), Salt, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline (green, watermelon), Zircon

Moon Phases: Full, Waxing

Number: 8

Ogham: Ruis

Planets: Jupiter

Plants: Bluebell, Grain, Grape, Honeyuckle

Runes: Feoh

Seasons: Autumn

Tree: Chestnut, Elder, Maple, Mesquite, Myrrh, Oak, Olive, Palm, Pine, Sycamore

Zodiac: Virgo

– Alfrún

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