Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Affection

Animal: Cat, Deer, Duck, Elephant, Grosbeak, Lion, Owl, Prairie Dog, Raven (family)

Chakras: Heart

Colors: Orange, Pink

Goddesses: Aine, Aphrodite, Astarte, Athena, Brigid, Ceres, Danu, Demeter, Devi, Gaia, Hestia, Rhea, Venus (attract)

Gods: Cupid

Minerals: Moonstone, Mussel, Topaz

Number: 6, 7

Planets: Venus

Plants: Carnation (pink), Gorse, Honeysuckle, Hyacinth, Jasmine (white), Marigold, Morning Glory (pink), Rose (attract)

Trees: Cedar

Zodiac: Leo, Taurus

– Alfrún

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