Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Animals (To Care For, Work With, Hunt)

Animal: All

Celebrations: Imbolc

Full Moons: October, November

Goddesses: Aine (protect), Artio, Bast, Cybele, Diana, Epona, Juno, Kali, Maeve (hunt), Rhiannon

Gods: Cernunnos, Dumuzi (shepherds), Hermes, Jupiter, Pan, Pushan (guardian of all cattle), Saturn, Shiva, Silvanus

Magical: Fairies

Minerals: Agate (snakeskin), Cat’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye, Jasper (leopard skin), Labradorite, Tiger’s Eye

Plants: Catnip, Deer’s Tongue, Grain, Mugwort (protect from), Mullein (protect from), Wormwood

Trees: Elder

Animal Fertility

Celebration: Lupercalia

Goddesses: Artemis, Brigid, Ishtar, Ostara

Gods: Bacchus, Cernunnos, Dumuzi, Faunus, Khnum, Pan, Poseidon

Hunt Animals

Goddesses: Artemis, Bertha, Coatlicue

Gods: Arawn, Cernunnos, Faunus, Mabon

Protect Animals

Goddess: Brigantia

Plants: Cowslip, Ivy, St. John’s Wort

– Alfrún

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