My Role As A Pagan

Ever since moving from Christianity to Paganism, I’ve struggled with knowing where I stand within my new community. I’ve never been involved in a group and have always practiced alone. Everyone I’ve dated was either Christian or Atheist. In essence, I’ve always felt as though I had one foot on solid ground, and one foot in open air. There always seemed to be something I was doing wrong, which is a huge load of bullcrap, because I believe there is no right way to worship.

Anywho, I think I’m digressing. Already. I was sitting at my computer around 4am in the morning, writing up a blog post, and running through some of my books. In the back of my mind, I had the question, “Where is this going? What am I doing with all this?” running round and round. Out of nowhere, the answer hits me. I can really only say it was definitely a guiding voice. “Scribe! Be a scribe!”

I want to compile information, find the rare sources, and track what’s what. So, this is what this blog will go ahead with. I want to collect all the stories, and put them in one place. For those of you who actually exist, bear with me, and keep your patience. There’s a lot out there. Thank you.

– Alfrún

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