Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Compassion

Animal: Chimpanzee, Stork, Vulture

Chakra: Heart

Colors: Aqua, Green, Pink, White

Direction: West

Elements: Water

Goddesses: Amaterasu, Ceres, Demeter, Isis, Ishtar, Kuan Yin, Modron, Nanna, Sekhmet

Gods: Apollo, Buddha, Marduk, Mithras, Shiva

Magical: Mermaids, Unicorn

Minerals: Angelite, Aquamarine, Argonite (blue), Aventurine, Celestite, Chrysoberyl, Chrysprase, Clam, Garnet, Jasper (green, red), Kunzite, Moonstone, Quartz (rose), Rhodochrosite, Sand Dollar, Scallop, Ruby, Tourmaline, Turquoise

Number: 4, 6, 9

Planets: Venus

Plants: Allspice, Gardenia, Lotus, Rose

Tarot: Cups

Trees: Cherry, Elder, Elm, Mesquite

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces

– Alfrún

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