Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Connections

Animal: Bear, Buffalo/Bison (mundane and divine), Caribou, Cat, Cattle (cow/mother goddess), Chameleon, Chicken (hen/ spirits of the dead), Condor, Cougar, Crane (the otherworld), Dolphin (body-mind-spirit), Eagle (between worlds), Elephant (ancient wisdom), Loon (ancient knowledge), Moose (with elders, inner and outer worlds), Nightingale (death, love), Ocelot (spirit realm), Owl (seen and unseen), Parrot, Raven (crone), Salamander (earth and water), Spider, Swan, Wolverine (between worlds)

Celebrations: Lunantishees (with fairy realm)

Chakra: Crown (divine), Sacral

Colors: Gold (divine), Indigo (ancestors), Violet (higher self)

Goddesses: Spider Woman

Magical: Griffin (life and death)

Minerals: Agate (natural world) (moss, Earth energies), Alexandrite, Aluminum, Amethyst (spiritual), Ametrine (spirit and will), Apophyllite (inner and outer worlds), Azurite, Copper, Danburite (angelic), Iolite, Jade (cosmic), Jet, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli (cosmic), Malachite, Moonstone (emotional), Obsidian, Pearl, Petrified Wood, Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Zoisite

Number: 3, 5

Ogham: Nion

Planets: Venus

Plants: Lavender, Marjoram, Rose, Thistle, Water Lily

Trees: Ash, Maple, Willow

Zodiac: Cancer

Heaven and Earth

Animal: Bee, Blue Jay, Chameleon

Magical: Griffin

Past Lives

Animal: Armadillo, Canary, Cattle (bull), Chicken (rooster), Crane, Duck, Goat, Jackal, Peacock, Rhinoceros, Tiger

– Alfrún

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