Issues, Intentions, and Powers: Divination

Angel: Auriel, Gabriel, Michael

Animal: Armadillo, Carp, Chicken, Crane, Crow, Dog, Dolphin, Goose, Horse, Hyena, Kite, Lapwing, Lizard, Lynx, Magpie, Rabbit, Raven, Salmon (understanding), Swallow, Swan, Vulture, Wren

Celebrations: Hunting of the Wren, Imbolc, Litha, Samhain, Walpurgis, Yule

Colors: Black, Gold, Indigo, Lavender, Purple, Silver, Violet, White

Days: Wednesday

Direction: East

Elements: Air, Fire, Water

Full Moon: May, November

Goddesses: Astarte, Badb, Brigid, Cerridwen, Coventina, Fortuna, Freya, Gaia, Hecate, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Kali, Kuan Yin, Nephthys, Phoebe

Gods: Anubis, Apollo, Arawn, Hermes, Mercury, Neptune, Odin, Ogma, Poseidon, Thoth, Zeus

Magical: Fates, Norns, Undines

Minerals: Amethyst, Azurite, Cowry, Fluorite, Gold, Hematite, Jasper (red), Jet, Lapis Lazuli, Lead, Malachite, Moonstone, Mother of Pearl, Obsidian, Pyrite, Quartz (clear), Silver, Tiger’s Eye, Tin, Topaz

Moon: Full, New, Waning, Waxing

Planets: Mercury, Moon

Plants: Angelica, Anise, Bamboo, Basil, Bloodroot, Broom, Cardamum, Cinnamon, Cinquefoil, Clove, Daisy, Dandelion, Dittany, Eyebright, Frankincense, Ginseng, Goldenrod, Gorse, Henbane, Hibiscus, High John, Honeysuckle, Ivy, Lavender, Lilac, Mandrake, Marigold, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Moonwort, Morning Glory, Mugwort, Mullein, Nutmeg, Orris Root, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rose, Rue, Sage, Sandalwood, St. John’s Wort, Star Anise, Strawberry, Sweet Woodruff, Thornapple, Thyme, Vervain, Wormwood, Yarrow

Trees: Acacia, Alder, Apple, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Cypress, Fir, Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Juniper, Laurel, Linden, Maple, pomegranate, Poplar, Rowan, Spindletree, Willow (pussy), Witch Hazel (love), Yew

– Alfrún

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