Dream Journal 1.17.15

There was a group of us out on a school trip. We were visiting an old shrine, of a people similar to India, or India mixed with Japan, I don’t know for sure. I was there with a guy I  liked, and girl who felt she needed to “Compete” with me for his attention. I don’t think he was particularly in love with me. He just seemed to find my company pleasant.

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Dream Journal 1.10.15

I was royalty. I had been residing somewhere horrible. Akin to where I grew up. I was coming home again. I made my way through the halls with a guard. I was so excited to home again. I open a door, and I see my best friend (in the dream). I break down and just fall on him sobbing. I just cling to him and cry. I don’t really care about anything else. Everyone else in the room is so glad to have me back. My husband, a prince, enters, and coughs. Says “Well, I’m glad you missed you me.” Gives me a wry look, and I just smile through my tears, and throw myself at him. I cry some more. Then I see my sister (real sister, dressed as a princess, but younger) in a heap on the floor crying inconsolably. I remember she’s just lost her prince, and is a widow. We cry together.

I wake up! As dreams go, this was *the* most normal dream I’ve ever had.

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Dream Journal 10.30.14

I was at class (college I assume since no high school class ever felt this one), and I ended up following home a classmate (an actual former classmate I knew and liked from high school), so we could hang out. He had a small daughter. We talked and I was enjoying myself. I felt a bit glowy actually. Started to feel those butterflies in my tummy everyone seems to know about. Somehow I ended up spilling a drink on myself, and my clothes were soaked. They insisted I take them off, so they could be washed. I was in my classmate’s room, stripped down, ready to hand off my clothes, when his daughter bursts in with an iPad. She’s so excited about this game she wants me to play. I wrap myself in a sheet, and take the iPad. It’s some sort of sexually explicit game (I don’t have any idea what the game was, I just knew she shouldn’t be playing), and I try to erase it from the tablet, but I have no clue how the tablet works. My classmate walks in, and I’m mortified that I’m naked, and useless with tech. He takes one swipe on the tablet and the game is gone. I’m still only wearing a sheet. I try to get both of them to leave. I try to tell them, “I’m married! I’m married! I can’t be naked right now!” (which I am married). But neither would really listen, and I don’t think I wanted my classmate to listen anyway. I was feeling some guilt at this point. I was still trying to evict them from the room, when I woke up.

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