Time of Day: Dusk

Angel: Gabriel

Animal: Beaver, Blackbird, Coyote, Dove, Fox, Owl, Rabbit, Wolf

Celebrations: Mabon

Direction: West

Elements: Water

Planets: Venus

Runes: Feoh, Jera, Peorth

Tarot: Cups

Zodiac: Cancer

Issues, Intentions, & Powers: Banish, Change/s, Endings, the Otherworld/Underworld, Sorrow

– Alfrún

Time of Day: Dawn

Angel: Raphael

Animal: Chicken (rooster), Coyote, Dove, Fox, Rabbit

Celebrations: Ostara

Direction: East

Elements: Air

Gods: Byelobog, Janus, Njord, Surya

Magical: Phoenix

Planets: Venus

Runes: Beorc, Hagal, Thorn

Tarot: Swords

Issues, Intentions, & Powers: Activate/Awaken, Beginnings, Crossroads, Fertility, Hope, Life (vitality), Light, Nurture, Purpose, Romance, Youth

– Alfrún