Spell: Money


9 pennies

Quartz Stone


Green Cloth

Green Ribbon

Make a cloth bag. Place the pennies, quartz, and cinnamon into the bag. Tie it closed with the green ribbon using three knots. Hold the bag in your hand and charge it with energy. Bury the bag saying:

Grow my seed of wealth

Flourish and multiply thyself

– Alfrún

Spell: Attracting a Job




2 candles – One for Deity, one for altar

Representation of person

Glass vial filled with rolled up dollar bill, sprinkle of salt, and three charms (I used 4 leaf clover, moneybag, and a coin)

Green Ribbon


Consecrate work area with salt and incense.

Light candles.

Consecrate vial, figure, and ribbon.

Chant following lines for each item (vial, figure, and ribbon) as they are consecrated.


I see (whoever is job searching) getting an interview

I see (whoever is job searching) getting a job offer

I see (whoever is job searching) accepting a job offer


Tie the vial to the figure with the green ribbon.

Repeat the above lines three times each picturing each result happening vividly.

Dismiss work area, and leftover energies.

– Alfrún