Things have been on autopilot.

IMG_20151003_125741We’ve been in the process of purchasing and moving to our first home (a condo), and have been extremely busy. Webmaster is next door unpacking his office as I type this (I should be unpacking mine, but … I’m not). Things are currently on autopilot, but I’m looking to start up regular posting and whatnot starting next week. Blessed be!

Moving was really difficult for Comrade, as you can tell. We had to leave her in her carrier for a *whole* hour! Talk about grueling. Many naps will need to be had to get over this atrocity.

– Alfrún

P.S. BACON!IMG_20151003_125646


Devotional: Making a Home

When moving, we rarely feel at home as soon as we cross the threshold. How do you build a home in a new place?

When moving, my personal library is one of the first things unpacked, even before the bookcases are. They are in many cases my extended family and personal friends. And then before my books get properly sorted, I unpack and set up my altar.

Although to be honest, my home is based less on objects, than they are they people. I cannot think of home being anywhere my husband is not. We’ve only been married three months, but he’s such a huge part of my life.

What makes a home for you?

– Alfrún

PS. Although, I’d give my left leg to have that log cabin pictured above. 😀