Days of the Week: Saturday

Colors: Black, Gray  (dark), Indigo, Purple (dark)

Goddesses: Hecate

Gods: Saturn

Magical: Fairies

Minerals: Amethyst, Apache Tears, Diamond, Hematite, Jet, Labradorite, Turquoise

Number: 7

Planets: Saturn

Plants: Morning Glory, Mullein, Myrrh, Thyme

Runes: Dag

Tarot: Temperance, Swords (Knight, 2)

Trees: Alder, Cypress, Hawthorn, Pomegranate

Zodiac: Aquarius

Issues, Intentions, & Powers: Banish, Bind, Business, Death, Discipline (self), Freedom, Justice, Karma, Life, Limitations/Boundaries, Money, Motivation, Negativity, Obstacles, Peace, Problems, Protection, Willpower, Wisdom

– Alfrún

Devotional: Neighborhoods

A lot of Paganism is spent trying to “get back” to nature. For some of us, this means we get an itch to leave the apartment complexes or suburbs and buy that little farm out in the country. However, this is not always an easy, or even possible, scenario. My husband works for a large telecommunications company as a Linux admin, and needs to be able to drive into work at a moment’s notice in case a server or network goes out. It would not be easy for us to just pack up and forsake Society. We’re not even sure we’ll ever *buy* a house, as we tend to need to move around quite a bit. So we are living in one of the forests that are apartment complexes. This does mean we’ve got neighbors and lots of them. I recently seem to have struck up an unlikely friendship with the seven year old girl who lives above us. She wants to move in…

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