Dream Journal 1.10.15

I was royalty. I had been residing somewhere horrible. Akin to where I grew up. I was coming home again. I made my way through the halls with a guard. I was so excited to home again. I open a door, and I see my best friend (in the dream). I break down and just fall on him sobbing. I just cling to him and cry. I don’t really care about anything else. Everyone else in the room is so glad to have me back. My husband, a prince, enters, and coughs. Says “Well, I’m glad you missed you me.” Gives me a wry look, and I just smile through my tears, and throw myself at him. I cry some more. Then I see my sister (real sister, dressed as a princess, but younger) in a heap on the floor crying inconsolably. I remember she’s just lost her prince, and is a widow. We cry together.

I wake up! As dreams go, this was *the* most normal dream I’ve ever had.

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