Full Moon: Snow Moon – February 22, 2016

The full Snow Moon was last night, and for this year at least, we had no snow. In fact, it was so warm I had all the windows and the patio door open to let in some fresh air. Ohio is experiencing it’s usual temperamental weather patterns and surprising everyone with an unusually balmy winter. We’ve had more 60* days than we’ve had snowy. Woo! I’m not very much a winter person.

Anywho. I spent my full moon cleaning my home like fury. I’ve been dealing with an incredibly low episode, and Webby has been very busy with an ugly mishap at work, so the cleaning has been left to the wayside for too long. We’ve also been eating out of a lot of paper bags. So, what better to celebrate the full moon than with a little purification! So cleaned as much as I could (laundry, dishes, vacuum, dust, etc). I got worn out before I wanted to be done, but I was still pleased with what did get done. Then went room from room with incense, clearing out the less tangible garbage. Soon I want to do a general protection of the place. We moved back in October, and I haven’t gotten to it yet, which is bad of me. It’s been such a roller coaster since we’ve been here.

So my full moon wasn’t very ritually. Mostly due to a lack of alter/workspace. When we moved, I had to get rid of my old one, and it’s taken longer than I thought it would to replace it. But! With tax returns, and two big Webby-work bonuses on the way, I’m more than able to get it. I’m excited to set it up. I feel kind of naked without a space to work or meditate.

How was your full moon?

– Alfrún

Seasons: Winter


Animal: Bluebird, Bobcat, Cattle (ox), Duck, Groundhog, Kingfisher, Lynx, Magpie, Moose, Panther, Polar Bear, Snake, Swan, Tortoise

Celebrations: Yule, Imbolc

Days: December 21st – December 22nd – March 20th – 21st

Direction: North, Northeast

Elements: Earth

Energy: Yin

Goddesses: Bertha, Cailleach Bheur

Gods: Hephaestus

Minerals: Diamond, Labradorite, Moonstone, Pearl, Quartz (clear), Sapphire (white), Turquoise

Planets: Earth

Tarot: Pentacles

Zodiac: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Issues, Intentions, & Powers: Banish, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Dream Work, Endings, Grounding, Illumination, Insight, Introspection, Magic (crone), Power, Self-work, Sleep, Sorrow

– Alfrún

Celebrations: Yule

Yule, Yuletide, or the Winter Solstice is a religious festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples, later undergoing Christianised reformulation resulting in the now better known Christmastide. The earliest references to Yule are by way of indigenous Germanic month names Ærra Jéola (Before Yule) or Jiuli and Æftera Jéola (After Yule). Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Modranicht. Continue reading