What’s the buzz?

131102150948-03-hyperbole-and-a-half-horizontal-large-galleryI’ve been running on some crazy manic energy this week. I’ve been off meds (there’s been a kerfuffle with insurance about renewing my growth hormone prescription this year) for several weeks now, so I’m very impressed with what I’ve been able to get done this week. I ended up sleeping an extra four hours today, but I was still able to dust, vacuum, and straighten the living room and bunny pen (Comrade is currently sulking in a corner because I moved all of her stuff). There’s also a load of laundry going right now. I really wish I could figure out where the productivity is coming from so I can tap into it more frequently.

I know I am less than awesome about posting more of the personal things on this blog. Part of this is because I am a cripplingly introverted person. I usually only leave my house to go grocery shopping once a week, and this doesn’t bother me in the least. I spend the vast majority of my time alone. I like it this way. However, this also means I sometimes have trouble telling people stuff. I’m  just not used to sharing things with people who are not Webby. SO! I’m going to endeavor to write here more, even if it’s not necessarily Pagan in nature. I used to keep an online diary (I stopped when an ex hacked my account and read everything…), and I’d like to do that again in a way.

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Anywho… Sitting here watching Jesus Christ Superstar with Webby. He’s never seen it before, which surprised me a little. I love this movie. I know it’s the story of Jesus Christ, but even as a Pagan, I can appreciate Jesus and the lessons he taught. I always get some surprised looks when people who know my spiritual leanings find out I own this. If you *haven’t* seen it, I think you should. It was filmed in the 70’s, and has some topical/political undertones, but it’s a very, very interesting look at Jesus’ ministry and death. Webby is a staunch Atheist, and he’s loving this. He’s even put aside his work (which I very rarely see him do). Go! Watch it now!

– Alfrún


PS Comrade says hi!


Devotional: Sameness

Just a quick something. I had to go out to Los Angeles, California for one my endocrinologist specialist people. It’s 2,200 miles from where I currently live. The East Coast and the West Coast seem almost to be different countries in how far apart they are. I’d always heard so many things about how California was so different from most other states (mostly conjecture I admit, from people who have no clue), but still, I had a certain mindset when I stepped off the plane, and I was expecting to be chilled by the amount of culture shock.

I’ve never been so wrong.

I don’t know what I expected honestly. I mean, people certainly weren’t going to have two heads or anything. I just… expected more I suppose.

I was driving through the streets in the back of an Uber car and just watching as we passed people. And I felt no different. I looked around at the people we passed, and I was struck by the sheer and monumental thought of “We’re the same. You and I.” I realized they have the same hopes, dreams, and tribulations I do.

I haven’t really seen too many people just stop and realize that other people are, in fact, people. Individual people with individual…things. It was a little eye opening for me. I came expecting difference and instead experienced sameness. Instead of feeling lost in a sea of strange, I felt like I was welcomed.

Have you ever come across a situation where you’ve suddenly connected to someone you never expected to? Have you ever found common ground with someone different?

– Alfrún