What is Magic?

  • “Magic is the science of the control of the secret forces of nature.” – S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • “Magic is a comprehensive knowledge of all nature.” – Francis Barrett.
  • “Magick is the Art and Science of causing changes to occur in conformity with will.” – Aleister Crowley
  • “Magic is the projection of natural energies to produce needed effects.” – Scott Cunningham

I’ve been trying to write this article for several days now. I find myself hesitant to define magic for others, as the basis of my beliefs hold that the world is one of perceptions. How can I define something when my definition may be something totally incomprehensible to someone else, or even offensive? My husband, who speaks with technology in a way I never can, and is about one step away from assimilating the Vulcan culture of logic and science, defines magic as technology or science we do not yet understand. The other four definitions listed above are considerably different to my husband’s and vary slightly between all four. I feel…unqualified to actually dictate to others something which may influence or form another’s beliefs. So I’ll just give *my* definition, and encourage any readers to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.


  • “Magic is the act of creating change through force of will.” – Alfrún

Magic, to me at least, is a rather simple thing. It takes training, focus, and practice, but the actual act of working magic is much simpler than we make it. I’m not a big advocate for numerous and fancy tools. I rarely use them, going against what most people seem to do. I only really use them if I need help focusing on the task at hand, or if I feel the work specifically needs it. I find tools to be distracting, and instead, I tend to focus on just getting my will and intent out there. Ernest prayer is just as effective as a ritual.

What does magic mean to you? How do you work magic?

– Alfrún